For many years we have been supporting Hy-Line International, since their products are of very high quality. Improvement with genetics are always one of the main objectives to make sure that production is improving and feed efficiency is of the highest standard.

Here are the standards for the Hy-Line Silver Brown and the Hy-Line Brown

For more than 70 years, Hy-Line International has been the leader in the layer breeding industry by expanding the frontiers of genetics and producing the world's best stock.

Click on the links below to download the standards documents

Hy-line Brown / Silver-Brown Production Graph

Abovementioned production graphs are there to show what the Hy-line birds are capable of. This is only some of our clients flocks. The current farm production is 89.5%. Mortalities are very low. We have to mention that this specific client is very strict on bio-security, hygiene, record keeping and quantity and quality of feed. Future production graphs will be included of other clients with excellent production results.



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