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After selling their farm in Potchefstroom in 1976, Almur Smit moved to Parys, Free State, to retire on a farm next to the Vaal River. In 1978 he decided to get some lay ready hens, and started raising them on the farm. At 5 weeks old, he put the hens in wooden crates, which he built himself, and then sent them to his clients, be it by train or by road.

After a few years it was found that there was a big demand for lay ready hens, and a total of 15 chicken houses, with a total capacity of 600 000 hens, was built on The Grange.

In 1980 another farm was bought, namely Sandfontein. From 1980 tot 2004, 14 houses were constructed with some of the best modern equipment, also with a total capacity of 600 000 hens.

Chicken houses were constructed in such a way, that biosecurity could be implemented, please note that all groups are raised with the "all in, all out" method.

In 1998 the farm Geluksoord was bought and to date 11 Chicken houses have been built, with a total capacity of 550 000 hens.

The three farms are situated 7 km apart and therefore biosecurity between the farms are very good.

Some prices of hens throughout the years

  • 1995 R10-50/hen, VAT excluded
  • 1996 R12-59/hen, VAT excluded
  • 1997 R13-22/hen, VAT excluded
  • 1998 R14-15/hen, VAT excluded
  • 2001 R15-66/hen, VAT excluded

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